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ITN Mexico has increased profitability of industrial and service companies through industrial engineering methologies, some of them are listed below:

-Motion and Time Study. ITN Mexico through it's Video Productivity System® can determine incorrect staff movements, increase productivity, modify production lines, etc.

-Line balancing. Although line balancing is tipically used in industrial companies, ITN Mexico has seen that overproduction and constraints are present in various types of companies. Line balancing can produce important cost savings.

-Just In Time. This methodology represents great savings to companies in inventories and production increase.

-Lean Manufacturing and Lean Construction. The implementation of these ideas help ITN Mexico determine and reduce waste in all it's forms.

-Six Sigma. Is a methodology to reduce variation in processes, reduce product defects, reduce costs, etc. through a rigorous statistical method.

If you wish to know more about the services that we provide to the different kinds of industry, please contact us at any of the contact forms expressed in this page.

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